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Project Highlights

Getting rid of disparate digital services for insurance technology giant.

Vertafore, Inc is the largest provider of technology for the insurance and financial services industry in the US. Its products are used by nearly 30,000 agencies, carriers, advisors, and agents who use Vertafore’s software to streamline painfully slow paperwork processes, reduce government-mandated compliance risks, keep their certifications up to date, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Every year, Vertafore has consistently grown - adding new digital services, products, and even customer segments. But this growth resulted in a lot of fragmented product offerings, sometimes even with overlapping features, and few of these products were seamlessly integrated with each other.

Vertafore recognized the rising need for bringing all of these disparate digital services together in a single, consolidated platform, and they called on Universal Mind to strategize, design, and prototype this new, refreshed web app, called Sircon.

We kicked off the process with a multi-day discovery session where we took time to digest reams of user research, government regulatory complexities, business requirements, and legacy customer needs.

We worked closely with Vertafore product management to architect the new product, identifying the primary tasks users needed to accomplish, ensuring all of the necessary features of the soon-to-be-retired old products were carried over, and ideating innovative new functionality to really differentiate the new product from competitors.


We’re proud to say that many of the features we designed were unprecedented, giving Vertafore customers new ways of streamlining their day-to-day activities, accelerating revenue and simplifying government regulatory compliance, and increasing Vertafore’s lead over their competitors

We invented and digitized many time-intensive processes by including features like:
Visualization of agency and branch geographic locations

  • Automation of key registration, licensing, and disclosure management processes
  • Management of org structure, employee onboarding and termination
  • Aggregation of meaningful analytics, trends
  • Personal task and document management
  • Customizable user roles and permissions

And all of this was designed to be available in one convenient location with secure access from any device.

We worked hand in hand with the Vertafore product development team to seamlessly transition from the vision prototype to tactical design assets and style guides and shepherd the product development process from design strategy and vision prototyping into full-scale SAFe development release trains. Throughout this process the Universal Mind team operated both remotely and at times embedded at Vertafore’s corporate headquarters in Lansing, Michigan.

The new responsive Sircon web app is now live and in use. What’s more, you can even view a demo of our prototype (under ‘See it in Action’)!