Do BusinessBetter

Today your customers have smartphones and tablets in hand and they want to do business where and when they want.

Give CustomersWhat they Want

Customers want meaningful interactions and they don't care which departments or legacy systems you have to corral to make it happen.

Get the TeamThat Delivers

You need a team that delivers enterprise-grade digital solutions that span systems and silos. One that knows today's technologies ...and tomorrow's.

Universal Mind is a Digital Solutions Agency specializing in applications that deliver a unified multiscreen customer experience.

We help break down silos between departments and connect brands, technologies, and data in ways that are meaningful to your customers. We create human experiences based on a strategy for what your company needs: things like revenue, efficiencies, and loyalty.

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"Universal Mind delivered a truly impressive and comprehensive offering."

Mark D. Hamm, VP of Innovation, FedEx

"What really sets Universal Mind apart from its competitors is that it has the SpatialKey product and real-world operational experience."

Marcel Deller, VP of Development, T-Mobile USA

"This was a well run project. Your designers are very knowledgeable and really up to speed on the latest mobile interactions."

Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo, Senior Manager, Oracle Corp.

"Universal Mind's 'build it right the first time' attitude has become critical to our success."

Marty Rothenberg, Content Applications Systems Manager, Pearson Education

"Universal Mind took our global ecosystem and simplified it into a framework that optimized global efficiencies and met the needs of local markets."

Mike Edwards, Director, Digital & Consumer Marketing, Amway Corp

"Universal Mind was great and easy to work with. Their technology expertise and creativity were equally critical to the success of this project."

J.D. Collins, Digital Marketing Lead, Amway North America

"We are pleased to be working with Universal Mind to develop mobile interactive solutions that offer new opportunities for experiencing our artists."

Michael Paull, EVP Global Digital Business, Sony Music

"These are technologically groundbreaking products and Universal Mind always delivers high quality results."

Hugh Scandrett, Vice President of Engineering, EnerNOC

"Their research and expertise was excellent. In one week we got answers it would have taken months to get otherwise, with clear and actionable results."

Dave Dondero, Director, Kaiser Permanente


  • Mobile & Tablet
  • Enterprise Dev
  • Customer Experience
  • Gesture-Based Solutions
  • Responsive Design

We are technologists, visual designers, business strategists, and innovators. We've spent more than a decade creating leading-edge digital solutions. We apply our deep experience to create impactful multiplatform applications and build effective solutions that deliver.

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