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How can we help you? Design? Check. Strategy? Check. Bulletproof code? Check! And people who can manage it in an agile and efficient manner? Of course!

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Beauty and Brawn

We create incredible experiences that appeal (and scale) to the masses.

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Fast and Strong

Agility and bulletproof code. We deliver.

Amway Artistry

Modernizing an industry titan

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Tech chops and creativity get business needs met at a prudent price point

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Mixing animation, modern art and technology into a unique experience

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The connected car experience

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Leading Fitness Company

Envisioning the wearable device workout experience

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Sony Music

Unleashing "The Jimi Hendrix Experience"

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Pearson Education

Making economics exciting for students and educators (Seriously)

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At Universal Mind, we believe that creative problem-solving is a shared discipline between art and science — that design, strategy and technology work hand-in-hand with one another. Not disparate silos working independently on their own behalf, but both working together to embody the experience. It's a relationship where one can’t (and shouldn’t) live without the other. It’s the delicately crafted design language — the things that people see, and the highly functional technology that makes it feel effortless — that brings the solution to life. These elements create meaningful experiences, for you and your customers.

About Us

Experience: The Key to Smart Cities

6 core pillars for architecting a Smart City, and why yours might fail without first creating an Experience Hub.

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We’re forever curious about what it means to be living in a hyper-connected world and we build tools that help to simplify and give meaning to those connections.

Tools that build efficiencies into our days and streamline complexities. Tools that ultimately give your business, your products, and your story new meaning. We envision and create impactful solutions that enable people to understand their world better and to simplify the ways in which they participate in the story that’s being told.

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Digital Transformation

Adapt quickly to the disruptive digital landscape and align your business units effectively. Now that's what we call true Digital Transformation.

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