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"The Customer Experience Mapping Tool"

Project Highlights

The customer experience mapping tool.

Journey maps are taking the business world by storm. In the digital marketplace, the tried-and-true traditional methods of gaining insight into customer experiences — focus groups, surveys, video conferences — are no longer enough.

Attention is instead turning to the creation of living strategic documents that truly step inside a customer’s head and record his or her range of experiences. Journey maps can reveal integral first-hand information about customer interactions with goods, services and environments, allowing companies to gain crucial insight. Faced with an increasingly busy marketplace, customers are relying more than ever on their personal experience to make purchasing decisions.
Journey mapping, however, can’t simply be done. It has to be done right.

After garnering years of expertise designing its own journey maps, Universal Mind envisioned an iPad app that would serve as an engaging tool that streamlined and bolstered the process. Journeys was born. In addition, the new app would allow for the visualized customer story to be created, understood and shared with the touch of a finger, removing many of the pitfalls of classical user-experience analysis.

The foundation of Journeys was simplicity. Universal Mind imagined an application that would transition seamlessly from the field to the meeting room and back again, allowing users to hold it in one hand and manipulate data with the other.

The app needed to facilitate an uninhibited natural environment free of speedbumps while building a journey map; the user should be free to observe, rather than spending undue time adding and organizing data. The gathered information would then become easily presentable, engaging audiences with a clear picture of the interactions recorded in the field.

Journeys allows users to capture images, location information, and audio and video clips easily in the field to supplement and enhance customer experience maps. Once completed, the maps and their associated annotations can be exported and shared across a variety of platforms.

In an increasingly digital world, journey mapping is integral to gaining key insights into experience interactions.


The stage is now set for the next phase in the evolution of journey mapping. As a pioneer of the concept, Universal Mind is proud to remain on the cutting edge of this exciting new technology. The groundbreaking Journeys app is now available for public download, and it will continue evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of a digital world.

Take a journey with your customers. Experience the world through their eyes. The insight you gain could be invaluable.