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iPad Table

"Multi-device communication"

Project Highlights

Taking multi-device communication and interactive customer experiences to a new level.

Our R&D team, free to create without constraints, decided to experiment with and push the boundary on interactive communication amongst multiple devices. A project linking 15 iPads, set up as a table and controlled by an iPhone application, was among the first the team tackled. The table was literally created from the ground up, right down to the industrial design of the table itself. The 15 iPads were linked using a private wireless LAN and a custom application, and “hypercards” were developed to move the content seamlessly from screen to screen. Once the framework was established, the team continued to experiment with gesture-based functionality and various table configurations, customizing the experience based on the specific use for the table.


Since the official debut of the iPad Table, we’ve experienced extremely positive results, using the iPad table at various trade shows and conferences. This R&D brainchild has served to showcase our tech chops, demonstrating that we are on the cutting-edge of emerging technology, and generating substantial word-of-mouth buzz.

What’s more, the legendary table netted us a Webby, winning the People’s Voice Webby in the Experimental & Innovation category in the 17th Annual Webby Awards.