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"Make your photos shoppable"

Project Highlights

Monetizing Social Media: Turning Followers into Cash.

COSIGN is a first of its kind app that allows ordinary consumers to monetize their social influence. With this app, users can “tag” products in the photos they upload to social networking sites, and if their followers purchase the items, they receive a monetary reward. Setting the stage to literally change the social media game, COSIGN allows users to turn social media followers into customers and personal style into a way to earn cash.

Though a great idea in concept, COSIGN was struggling with user adoption. They began working with Seamless, a company that helps connect iOT startups with partners to help consult and give professional insight into their business. And so we were brought on board to help them rethink and redesign the interface and user experience of the existing application.

COSIGN is the first app to make products in your photos ready-to-buy, turning your social media followers into customers and your style into a way to earn cash rewards.


As we embarked on user research, looking at potential competitors and constructing interviews with their target audience, the goal was to design an app that would truly connect and resonate with their users. Through our understanding of the user, we were able to create an improved app navigation, a prototype of the app, and an updated design that would better appeal to their audience.