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Sony called on Universal Mind to design and develop an exceptional customer experience leveraging the latest digital and mobile technologies: Jimi Hendrix - The Complete Experience, an iOS app built on Universal Mind’s pioneering Digital Experience Framework.

The framework introduced an entirely new way of publishing content that supports interactive photos, videos, location detection, media library integration, social media, device synchronization, in-app purchasing, and a second screen experience.

Music never looked so good.

Remember the good ol’ days, when you would run to your local music store to buy the latest albums of your favorite artist, then run home, listen to it over and over, beginning to end? You would read the album insert cover to cover and pore over every lyric, sentiment, and word written by the band or artist. These days, people purchase single songs from iTunes, or stream via services like Spotify and Beats. In an attempt to replicate this music experience in the modern world, Sony asked Universal Mind to create a digital customer experience to break Jimi Hendrix through into the modern music medium.

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“Universal Mind helped to carry on the Hendrix legacy in such a unique way.”
Jannie Hendrix, The Hendrix Foundation
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