Herman Miller
A breakthrough technology comes to your desk...and we don’t mean your laptop.
Empowering employees through IoT.
Universal Mind brought an idea to life. The office furniture industry, as a whole, is traditionally focused on physical products. However, they are now building products for an increasingly connected world. Consumers have come to expect data and insight when they interact with physical products at home, leaving the question, “why not at work?”

The task at hand? Create something that provides value to end users as well as to the organizations who invest in it — one that offers value without adding to the “noise” that already exists in connected ecosystems.

Introducing Live OS

Live OS allow people to take charge of their work experience. When paired with the connected desk, this app will enable users to set desk height preferences for sitting and standing, transitioning seamlessly between the two throughout the day.

Universal Mind sculpted the interactions between the physical furniture and the digital ecosystem around it. The result is a smart system that notifies users by “nudging” them when they’ve been sitting or standing too long. The latest innovation in the “internet of things” encourages healthier desk habits for employees and offers facility managers insight to help control operational costs, improve space utilization, and enhance employee well-being. In the end, all aspects were brought together to create a flawless experience for the employees and managers. Herman Miller launched the final product at NeoCon in 2017.

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“Whoever did this…we need more of them.”
Director of Design, Herman Miller
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