Complete Genomics
Predicting a healthy future through your DNA.
Mapping the human genome — what a beautiful problem.
We partnered with Complete Genomics on two breakthrough projects. Voyager, a cloud native platform for genetics researchers to analyze gene variants collaboratively, and Genos, a consumer-based solution for DNA analysis.

They wanted an application to enable the analysis of genomic information in a more user-friendly way. We were called upon to design an intuitive iPad and web-based application for end users. By understanding the human genome, you can more accurately take care of health by predicting future concerns.

The challenge was to make genetic information accessible, educational, and intuitive. Genomics is a relatively new science, and most people haven’t reviewed “genetics 101” since high school biology. By collaborating with Complete Genomics’ expert back-end development team, we were able to learn the subject matter while working on the design, and in two months we delivered a working iPad application that was ready to showcase at a major national medical conference.

It’s All in the Genes

We built a cloud native platform that is immediately useful and impactful to the scientific community by unlocking additional information about the human genome. Our ability to make smooth course corrections resulted in rapid, efficient development of one the industry’s first whole genome analysis and interpretation applications.

The goal of the design process was to make complicated and potentially scary information accessible and consumable.

The Genos application allows users to get sequenced, explore their genetic data, share that data with friends, and engage with researchers. Genos sets itself apart from the competition through simplicity, data privacy, data portability, and ability to sequence your whole genome.

See It In Action
“In order for people to analyze, interpret and apply genomic information, you need software that is easy, intuitive and familiar. That is where we brought in Universal Mind.”
Julie Adams VP of Clinical Products
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