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Todd Dewey

Practice: Technology

Title: Technical Architect

As a Technical Architect at Universal Mind, Todd is sort of the rare unicorn of the developer world, writing almost all code from his head instead of utilizing Stack Overflow, like many developers, which he thinks just seems weird. We say, ‘whatever works, Todd; more power to ya’.

Before joining Universal Mind, Todd spent the majority of his career, working with small companies and startups. This allowed him to hone his skills across the full development stack. Not the typical C# developer, Todd has found a distinct fondness and talent for user interface development.

Todd first got hooked on computer technology after buying (then breaking… then fixing…) his first computer in 1995. Since then, he has traded in BBS development for more modern internet technologies such as jQuery, Angular, and C#. Todd brings that same enthusiasm for fixing things to his role as Technical Architect.

When not sitting in front of a computer screen, Todd can be found on the dance floor where he regularly competes at and teaches vintage swing dancing around the country.