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Ryan Easton

Practice: Executives

Title: Principal / EVP of Sales & Marketing

As EVP of Delivery Management, Ryan manages a group of senior delivery managers helping to make sure we maintain consistency across all phases of the software lifecycle. Part of Ryan’s role is making sure we are always improving on every aspect of delivering the best possible experience for our clients.

Ryan has devoted 15+ years of leadership and problem-solving skills to the practice of software development. As a former Solutions Architect, Ryan has had the unique opportunity to see product development from many angles. It is that perspective that helps him understand all the challenges that the client, strategy, architect, and creative director will have when trying to work together to produce a final deliverable.

Ryan has a real passion for process and Agile Development, making the transition from architect to delivery a natural one. Ryan has been directly responsible for millions of dollars of enterprise projects throughout his diverse career path. The challenges of managing a disparate team to enable them to work in harmony when you have a mountainous scope, a tight timeline and an established budget is something Ryan and the entire Delivery Team at Universal Mind take very seriously. We have embraced agile methodologies and Ryan ensures we take the best of them to craft an elegant solution that has one goal in mind; to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.