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Lynn Burge

Practice: Business

Title: Director, Strategic Client Engagement

Lynn’s role as Manager of Strategic Client Engagement is a unique one at Universal Mind. Each and every day, she has the opportunity to talk with professionals across multiple disciplines and industries to learn about their world and understand what makes their particular role challenging. Being curious by nature, Lynn finds herself engaging in great conversations where she is able to uncover ideas that may not have otherwise crossed their mind. For many clients, Lynn is the first point of contact with Universal Mind. She is a trusted consultant; someone clients can confidently speak with about their frustrations and concerns within their sphere of work.

Lynn brings to the table a diverse and robust realm of experience, which helps her have well-rounded conversations with clients and prospective clients. Lynn worked in both the restaurant/hospitality industry and in administration, during which she also volunteered with the American Red Cross. She worked full-time as a DoD civilian, as an office admin on Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, before finally making her way to Colorado. In Colorado, she managed the outbound logistics and transportation for a CPG company. Through each experience, she was able to hone her skill of effective communication, and is now just about the easiest and most enjoyable person to talk to at Universal Mind (just don’t tell anyone else in the company that).

Lynn enjoys being outdoors and soaking in that Colorado sunshine as often as possible. She spends most evenings in the company of good friends and good music. Her dog is her favorite “person” in the whole world (Don’t tell her sister, Donna that… she is Lynn’s roommate and officemate.) Traveling, yoga and reading are a few of her passions.