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Lori Kirkland

Practice: Business

Title: VP, Experience Transformation

Lori Kirkland serves as the VP of Experience Transformation at Universal Mind. In her role, Lori evangelizes strategy and customer research to clients and educates them on the best options available. As a business leader, she promotes CX/UX to accelerate business goals while creating happy interactions focused on bringing the human perspective to the forefront of business.

With a foundational background in neuroscience and anthropology combined with 16+ years in software, Lori works to ensure every client is educated on CX/UX and has a team of rock stars to create solutions.

Prior to joining UM, Lori ran her own strategic CX/UX agency, NeuroDesign. She brings her skills of 20 years of business development and strategic management of top tier clients such as Boeing, Boston Scientific, US Bank, T.Rowe Price, and Level (3) to deliver strategic solutions that implement good CX in any organization.

Lori enjoys living in the great city of Denver with her awesome husband and two little girls.