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Kevin White

Practice: User Experience

Title: Senior Experience Architect

Kevin joins Universal Mind as a Senior Experience Architect. This means Kevin creates durable solutions for complex problems. For Kevin, it’s the complexity that draws him in; the appeal is in direct proportion to the scale of the challenge. He sees Experience Design as one of the few professions with the power to direct scores of institutions towards processes that promote flourishing in the world.

Kevin’s specialties are storyboarding, IA work, UI design, and creative direction. He’s also a top-notch illustrator. (Seriously, if you’ve not seen any of his illustrations, check out his portfolio. They’re incredible.)

Before life at Universal Mind, Kevin spent the last 8 years as a UX Designer, working on projects that included website design, mobile applications, automotive UI, storyboarding, illustration work, diversity and inclusion talks, and higher education instruction. Kevin has worked with such groups as frog design, Google X, Apple, Disney, GM, Motorola, and the Nike Foundation.

Outside of work, you’ll likely find Kevin planning some form of home repair, taking on creative projects, whether personal or collaborative, being humbled by his Wing Chun Dummy, or simply spending time with his wife and daughter. Fun fact: Kevin has four, yes, FOUR, cats. This is a result of Kevin being a complete pushover regarding his daughter’s dream of owning a zoo. (…Whispers: “So if anyone wants a cat, let me know, I’m happily willing to spare at least two… Christmas is coming up. Think about it.”) While life may seem low key these days, Kevin may or may not have a case filled with various passports, cash in 9 different currencies, and a tailor suit sealed under the concrete floor of his basement. Either way, our lips are sealed.