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Evan Rosay

Practice: Overhead

Title: Director, Operations & System Administration

In his role as Director of Operations and System Administration at Universal Mind, Evan’s primary goal is to manage the computing and information technology strategic plan, policies and programs and business continuity.

While Evan isn’t certified, he is classified by many as certifiable; he brings over 20 years of Operational Infrastructure experience and leadership to Universal Mind. He’s lead data center migrations, ground up builds of private clouds (yes, that is multiple private clouds), and the creation of business continuity plans. Evan brings the technical and operational acumen necessary to increase efficiencies and eliminate operational interruptions.

His passion for technology can only be rivaled by his passion for his family. When Evan is finally able to step away from his work, he enjoys taking walks and bike rides with his wife and kids to the park or playgrounds. He has also become quite the chef, with to-die-for breakfast scents overtaking the office most mornings.