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David Fik

Practice: User Experience

Title: Senior Strategist

David Fik is a Senior Strategist with UM’s Customer Experience practice. He’s spent the better part of 30 years working to understand and leverage the delicate balance between business interests, business processes, and the human condition (yes, all three are vastly different). David’s passion lies in researching how everything depends on everything else; how people, process, and place all flow into an organization’s unique design, its development, how it changes and manages that change, and even how it communicates. Once described as “a fish that studies water”, David offers practical insight and approaches for navigating murky organizational waters.

David melds together an eclectic background of study and practice in fine arts, psychology, sociology, organizational effectiveness and organizational change, with deep experience in manufacturing, architectural design, and customer-inspired product development. David has worked with speculative, new product development, and application consulting for which he is the co-holder of three patents for products and processes. Working with established Fortune 500 customers around the world as well as local, small, entrepreneurial start-ups, David has offered valuable sense-making and experience frameworks that enhance decision making capabilities, clarify competencies, and encourage positive growth for groups and individuals alike.

Should this not offer enough delight, David is also an artist, woodworker, writer, and bike-wrench-turned-auto-mechanic, who, when not spending his time being a husband and father, is likely fixing someone’s leaky roof or broken plumbing; usually for food.