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Brett Cortese

Practice: Executives

Title: Founder & President of the Board

Brett Cortese is the Founder and President of the Board at Universal Mind. He is responsible for the company’s strategic business priorities and technical investments to ensure Universal Mind meets the needs of its clients in the competitive digital landscape. Brett oversees all the core areas of the company including technology development, user experience, and solutions delivery. As the solutions strategy expert at Universal Mind, he provides strategic insights for customers across all vertical markets as they undertake new mobile initiatives.

Brett co-founded Universal Mind in 2003 as a systems integrator for large companies. As enterprises began exploring ways to offer mobile and digital experiences at the onset of the mobile revolution, Brett saw a new opportunity for the company. He hired the industry’s most creative talent to form a new breed of agency, offering the stellar design services of a leading interactive agency combined with the deep technical expertise the firm has provided since inception. It is Brett’s vision to help clients extend their brands through consistent digital experiences that span multiple touch points by leveraging their existing technical investments on the back end.

Previously, Brett was a senior level consultant at Macromedia where he helped Fortune 500 companies overcome legacy system and implementation issues to realize the benefits of new innovative technologies. His success in this role laid the groundwork for creating Universal Mind.

Under Brett’s leadership, Universal Mind realized extraordinary growth and twice earned the distinction of being included in Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies.