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Blaine Cheshire

Practice: Executives

Title: CEO

Organizations can only place so many bets on what to do with their dollars with regard to digital – and bad ones can sink you. As CEO, Blaine steers the Universal Mind ship, aiming to be the very best at making sure people and organizations are getting the best return on those bets.

Blaine is at his best when integrating all of the moving pieces of the organization, and has made it his mission to create a healthy, vibrant organization, built upon commonly shared values, a strong vision and focus, coupled with accountability and transparency.

Blaine made the move from CFO at Universal Mind to CEO seamlessly, after parlaying his Bachelors of Accountancy (from New Mexico State, THE Harvard of New Mexico) into a nearly 20 year career in business, 11 of which was in executive management. His finance background and operating on an executive team for those 11 years (he was the GM USA for Zed Worldwide, and also held corporate finance positions at Promotech Research and Level 3 Communications, in addition to public accounting experience with KPMG) gave him the foundation to move into the driver’s seat at Universal Mind. But, as Blaine himself would tell you, make no bones about it, it turns out it’s a LOT harder to figure out how to make money than it is to count it and pay taxes on it!

When Blaine isn’t at the helm of the UM ship, he’s at home with the family. While his hobbies used to include endless weekend trips to the mountains for skiing and mountain biking, these days, his weekends include kids, kids, and yep, you guessed it, more kids. Fortunate for Blaine that is his strong suit is integrating all of the moving pieces; with two littles and a third on the way, you can bet there are a lot of moving pieces in the Cheshire household.