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Your company is now a digitally-driven organization, whether you like it or not.  To remain a relevant and powerful business, you are faced with transforming an organization built on an analog foundation, and adapting to accommodate digital as a change agent.

So, how do you take a business rooted in decades of legacy priorities and successfully accomplish this? The priorities and processes that served your initial growth often compete directly with the pace of digital disruption. The opportunity cost associated with failure to adapt is staggering.

Don’t worry – solving this problem is where Universal Mind excels, both as a partner and as an enabler.

Universal Mind is a vendor agnostic digital partner with deep insight into all your existing or potential vendor roadmaps. Organizations will be looking at Mobility, Collaboration, Social Integration, Big Data, Analytics, Commerce, Cloud Computing and other technology vehicles to adopt in an effort to transform their digital delivery capabilities. Woven into this complexity is the underlying reality that you can never lose focus on the customer.

Organizations don’t have the time to execute a long-term platform evaluation when their goal is responsive digital delivery. You want to work with someone that inherently understands your enterprise platform options. More importantly, you want to work with a partner that has an opinion, and someone that understands competitive differentiation between enterprise vendors across similar domains.

This is why we developed our ‘Digital Engagement Maturity Assessment’ and ‘Enterprise Platform Evaluation’ offerings.


Digital Engagement Maturity Assessment

All journeys start with a first step, but where to step and in which direction requires the context of understanding where you are when you start.  We work with clients to execute a Digital Engagement Maturity Assessment because we know enterprise digital engagement is driven by a myriad of enterprise platforms and integrated systems.

We want to enable you to develop an optimized engagement architecture across Cloud Computing, CMS/WCM, CRM, Big Data Analytics, SEO/SEM, API Management, eCommerce, Data Aggregation/Integration, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Clinical Systems, Mobile and Social.  To do this effectively, you need to know where you stand today. We are practical in our approach and agnostic with our recommendations.  

Ask us about our ‘DEM Assessment’.

Enterprise Platform Evaluation

Universal Mind is a vendor agnostic digital agency that approaches each vendor partnership and relationship from an empowerment perspective. We strive to work in a collaborative and mutually beneficial dynamic that provides deep insight into capabilities and strategic direction. As you approach your RFP for the next platform selection process, consider a partner that brings an opinion to the table and that can also facilitate your requirements definition process. Choosing the right platform for your enterprise can be a difficult decision, and Universal Mind can give you a head-start, allowing you to focus on usability and organizational alignment.

Ask us about our ‘Enterprise Platform Evaluation’.

Our Digital Engagement Mission

  • Align strategic intent with an effective delivery engine to improve time-to-market.
  • Deliver relevant, contextual and affective experiences across all digital touchpoints.
  • Facilitate consumer adoption, retention and satisfaction.
  • Promote brand consistency and drive traffic to profitable services.
  • Empower collaborative communication and innovative thinking.
  • Execute with quality in an evolving digital landscape.
  • Enable customers to realize true Return-on-Investment (ROI).

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