Digital Engagement

A satisfied customer is a transaction, a loyal customer is an investment.

— Brian O’Connor, CTO, Universal Mind

Creating a successful digital experience goes far beyond an ‘app’ or ‘digital touchpoint’, often requiring organizational changes to support and capitalize on digital investments.  Universal Mind helps navigate the technical, cultural and organizational challenges inherent in delivering an impactful digital journey for your customers. We work with you to make certain your organization’s strategic intent is aligned with the tactical execution.

Achieving successful Digital Engagement requires a multidisciplinary team – one guided by qualitative and quantitative consumer insights, driven by experienced and certified SAFe® scaled agilists, staffed by industry leaders focused on human centered design, and grounded in deep technology expertise that spans every platform powering your technology ecosystem.


Digital Engagement is not a destination for an enterprise, but a critical, continual business necessity.  Universal Mind not only aids in the design and development of these experiences, but also empowers organizations to continuously evolve their consumer and digital engagement through Consumer Insights and Data Driven Innovation (DDI).

Our Digital Engagement Mission

  • Align strategic intent with an effective delivery engine to improve time-to-market.
  • Deliver relevant, contextual and affective experiences across all digital touchpoints.
  • Facilitate consumer adoption, retention and satisfaction.
  • Promote brand consistency and drive traffic to profitable services.
  • Empower collaborative communication and innovative thinking.
  • Execute with quality in an evolving digital landscape.
  • Enable customers to realize true Return-on-Investment (ROI).