Cloud Services

Cloud computing is an inevitable reality across most enterprises, and is a proven technology consideration that promotes agility and flexibility. Universal Mind has been leveraging and developing cloud-based solutions since 2008. We offer a complete set of cloud services that we utilize as a facilitator for enterprise agility.

If your focus is responsiveness and time-to-market, and if your goals are customer adoption, satisfaction and retention, you need to look at solutions that can scale and adapt as you do. Depending on your organizational needs and goals, cloud computing solutions must be at the forefront of your Digital Business Strategy.


Cloud Readiness Assessment:

Adopting cloud computing as a core tenant of your enterprise topology requires a shift in culture, focus, process and capabilities. While cloud technology solutions appear provocative, they require a shift in core competencies, a shift to an agile mindset and a renewed focus on security and platform dependencies. Universal Mind will work with you to identify any gaps, barriers or dependencies associated with migrating into a cloud environment as well as augment and empower your teams as your cloud adoption lifecycle unfolds.

Cloud Platform Enablement:

Cloud adoption can be an intimidating task, especially when identity, connectivity and security considerations dominate your enterprise ecosystem. Universal Mind has a plethora of experts to work with you to ensure your PII, PHI, PCI and other security considerations are implemented properly. Our teams will guide you through a cloud enablement initiative so you can quickly realize the benefits and responsiveness of your cloud solutions.

Cloud Development Services:

Universal Mind has expertise developing applications that leverage PaaS or IaaS environments across Heroku, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Eliminate the learning curve and work with our experienced teams in an empowerment model so you can quickly take advantage of an accessible and flexible platform that will lower your operating costs and improve time-to-market.

Enterprise Application Migration:

Migrating existing on-premise enterprise platforms or solutions to a cloud computing environment is an incremental journey. Universal Mind has migrated hundreds of applications and platforms leveraging best practices and a critical focus on consistent and reliable validation procedures to ensure success. We typically start with an initial technical proof that provides a validated baseline for adoption and prioritize incremental milestones to ensure your critical business platforms maintain their functional integrity.

DevOps & Continuous Delivery:

DevOps is here to help you increase agility, improve time to market, and continuously deliver with speed, quality, reliability and repeatability. The first step on your journey to an effective DevOps implementation is to clearly identify your organizational, cultural, technological and process barriers. When you are ready, Universal Mind is ready to walk beside you on the journey to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Deployment.

Hosting & Support:

Universal Mind provides a wide range of hosting and support services. With capabilities to support both PCI and PHI security considerations, across Healthcare and Retail Enterprises, we can easily adapt a hosting and support program that meets or exceed your expectations.