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As companies struggle to effectively capitalize on digital trends, we at Universal Mind recognize there are different phases and needs in the Digital Transformation journey. Over the years, many of our clients have asked us to provide staff augmentation solutions. While we have worked to answer this request, it has never been a practice focus. Until now.

We understand Digital Transformation is a great deal of work that requires numerous people at different levels within your organization. Typically clients engage with us for our end-to-end project capabilities, our enterprise technology consulting services or our Agile services. Now, we can also help with staffing needs.

With over 10 years experience executing Digital and Agile Transformation initiatives, we have an unparalleled ability to scale expert UX, CX and technology resources across a myriad of domains. We can provide embedded resources at competitive rates that include remote, co-located and nearshore options. Our resources have all been vetted to be of a caliber consistent with our normal hiring process; all are experts in their respective field and have received the Universal Mind seal of approval.

To ensure we are meeting the diverse needs of our clients we’re offering two resource staffing options, traditional Staff Augmentation and Cloud Staffing for teams. Our staffing solutions are provided at market competitive rates based on skill-set and availability.

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Staff Augmentation

In line with normal staff augmentation firms, we leverage our unique expertise in identifying accomplished, digitally savvy resources to augment your teams. These individuals or teams are 100% managed by you, and when possible, we work to find resources that can be on-site part-time. We can also provide the right people working remotely or through a near-shore partner.

Cloud Staffing

Many of our clients struggle with finding the right resources near their offices or at a competitive rate. For example, resources in Silicon Valley and Boston are scarce and extremely expensive simply due to their geographic location.

In instances where our clients would like to keep creative or technical teams together to foster the right level of collaboration, we offer Cloud Staffing to enable co-located teams to work out of one of our offices (Grand Rapids, Denver and Dallas, and Charlotte coming soon). Our clients find this approach to be an effective and valuable alternative to dealing with the lack of resource availability in major markets and overcoming the fear of remote workers some organizations struggle with.

Cloud Staffing Benefits

  • Teams housed in a Universal Mind office are able to utilize our technology infrastructure (video conferencing, internet, etc.).
  • Your resources get to work together as a team and be surrounded by other experts in the same field, benefiting from a creative and dynamic culture that fosters the type of solution and continual education top-tier resources crave.
  • You have the option to come to our offices to work with your Cloud Staffed team, or they can come to your location as needed.
  • If desired, we can provide oversight and coaching.

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