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Because innovation isn’t
black and white.
It’s the unknown and
that’s exciting.

Universal Mind Lab

The Universal Mind Lab is an innovation ecosystem where we envision new products or business models through lean design methods, rapid prototyping and new technology using a human-centered approach. Exploring these future experiences helps us leverage the power of narrative to understand how technology may play a role in the future lives of customers and employees.

3 Innovation Sprints

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Forest Sprint

Understand the users and their goals. Who are the users? What are their points of friction, and what product or strategic tactic can help solve them? The key is uncovering how people currently solve a problem; uncover the root(s) of friction.

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Trail Sprint

With an understanding of the landscape, users, and points of friction, the team can focus on one path. The team will iterate through various ideas around this singular product. The activities will result in a direction around a specific path.

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Campfire Sprint

Validate the product idea and tell the complete story around it. Create a final tactical vision that can be presented to customers or stakeholders to show strengths and /or risks of a new product.

2 - 6 Weeks
Fixed Cost

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Why a Lab?

The pace of change is exponential. Creating is imperative for organizations to build core competencies in envisioning the future and developing technology for long-term competitive advantage.

Innovate with us

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