Experience Design

Designing Experiences

User Experience at Universal Mind is more than just making pretty designs. While our designs do tend to be pretty darn attractive, this is more a byproduct than a purpose. Good products need to be useful, usable, AND desirable. That’s where our UX team comes in.

Our first concern is with the user. Before the first sketch, before the first wireframe, heck, before we even put pencil to paper, we talk with and observe the user. We define every product or service as an experience being had by the user. We build empathy with the user. We work to understand the user’s problems and define how best to solve them. This shapes our approach to the problem, and sometimes allows us to identify that the problem we were hired to solve is really not the problem at all. We identify the right problem and solve it the right way.

At the end of the day (and really, all day everyday), we take real problems and create really good solutions, all to make the user’s life better, easier, and more seamless. Tall order? You betcha. Fortunately, we love tall orders.