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Envisioning the wearable device workout experience

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Project Summary

From time to time, our Universal Mind team gets locked in a room to ideate together on various experiences. On this particular occasion, our team decided to tackle the wearable device market and explore how it might be incorporated into home-based workout programs.

Looking at the Smartwatch wearable space, our team did a series of interviews with individuals that use home-based fitness programs. They discovered that users issues tend to fall into one of two distinct categories — mobility (not being able to easily do the workouts when traveling) and 3rd party integrations (not having personal data feed in to create personalized workouts). We then hit the books (aka the internet) to research the competitive landscape, and come up with our own ideal feature set for such a device. Finally, we put pen to paper and designed out the entire experience. Different colors being displayed based on your level of intensity, and then offering up a predictive “sensing” experience based on that intensity? Heck yes. How about integrating with recipe apps and then tying together the personalized ecosystem of recommended meal selections, and then, integrating into a digital grocery service and ordering the best type of food for you and your body? Yep, that’s in there too. This is what happens when you lock a group of UMers in a room together for an extended period of time.

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