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Project Summary

Sanofi, a multinational pharmaceutical company, engages in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs. Cardiovascular is one of seven major therapeutic areas they cover, and AFib (atrial fibrillation) is a primary component in this category. Sanofi developed the AFib Educator app to better help healthcare providers explain AFib to patients, their families, and caregivers. The app provides healthcare professionals with an interactive resource to help illustrate how AFib can affect the heart, by visually demonstrating the symptoms, risks and management strategies of AFib, and is a place patients can go to learn more.

The existing app had dated content, and a user experience that was not reflective of the Sanofi brand. When reviewing key metrics, a gap was addressed with regard to global patient service and support; it was flat out time that Sanofi updated the application. The problem, however, is that this particular educational app had an ROI that was tough to quantify. Because they needed to app to work for both iOS and Android, the update would be costly to rewrite for two separate platforms. To remedy the situation, our team proposed a solution that would allowed Sanofi to avoid a total and costly re-write of the existing application, by instead rewriting the app just once, using the Ionic framework and PhoneGap, so that both app stores could be updated. After a few design iterations, the app was launched and completely surpassed expectations. They noted that our ability to adapt a solution that met their needs, at a price they could support, was a complete win for them. And hey, a win for them means a win for us.

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