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Project Summary

Pearson Education was searching for a way to make their electronic teaching platform, MyEconLab, more engaging for both educators and students. They teamed up with Universal Mind to create a series of “interactives” that would ultimately boost their subscriptions for MyEconLab. We built three interactives for the course, working to make the platform more fun and engaging. To do this, we built HTML apps that added a ton of graphics and data visualization, so that it wasn’t just page after endless (digital) page of snooze-worthy content. Pearson was thrilled with the functionality, and economics students across the world gave a standing ovation. It’s rumored that they even managed to stay awake during study sessions, a feat even we didn’t think was possible.

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I reached out to Universal Mind because I consistently see such quality of work from everyone there. But you have raised the bar on this project!

Jon Stowe, VP of Technology, Strategy & Architecture, Pearson Education