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Unleashing "The Jimi Hendrix Experience"

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Project Summary

Remember the good ol’ days, when you would run to your local music store to buy the latest albums of your favorite artist, then run home, listen to it over and over, beginning to end? You would pull out the booklet in the cover (for CD’s, at least), and pore over every lyric, every sentiment, every word written by the band or artist. These days, people purchase songs one-off from iTunes, or stream via services like Spotify and Beats. Sony Music wanted to replicate this music experience in the modern world (and of course to increase business opportunities, promote its music library and boost its bottom line).

Sony asked Universal Mind to create some sort of digital customer experience for Jimi Hendrix. Pulling in the latest technologies, Jimi Hendrix — The Complete Experience is an iOS app built on Universal Mind’s Digital Experience Framework. The framework introduced a completely new way of publishing content, that supports interactive photos, videos, location and geofence detection, media library integration, social media integration, device synchronization, in-app purchasing, and a second screen experience. While this may sound like a long list of gibberish, it was all necessary if we were really going to create a music app that Jimi fans would actually want to use. And use it they did. In the first week in the App Store, it became #2 among all free iPad music apps, and #36 for ALL free iPad apps. It was then selected as an Official Honoree for a Webby in the Music category. That’s what we like to call a “winner, winner, chicken dinner.” (Ok, an almost winner, but you get the point.)

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We are pleased to be working with Universal Mind to develop mobile interactive solutions that offer new opportunities for experiencing our artists.

Michael Paull, EVP Global Digital Business, Sony Music