Prototype application generates necessary buy in from execs and stakeholders

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Project Summary

Comcast contacted Universal Mind for a prototype application to replace their existing SAP. At the time, the relied on SAP for HR related management activities like time sensitive approvals, and approvals for anything from time off to hiring or promotion approvals. Their struggle was that the system was slow, tough to use, and in general, provided a poor user experience. Their goal was to have us create a prototype for an iPad application, which would then serve as a tool to help demonstrate its use and ultimately get buy-in from execs and principal stakeholders. In five short weeks, we created all designs and a working prototype for the new application. The prototype was presented to execs, demonstrating its ability to improve the timeliness and ease of Comcast’s required approvals as well as offer some additional value-add features for managers to help them gain visibility into HR information about their employees. The prototype was a resounding success, effectively proving to all stakeholders that it served to provide a faster, improved user experience with quicker turnaround on the current SAP approval processes, all housed in a quick, simple to use application. Comcast is now looking towards a V1 of the application, and are working on getting a MSA in place to work with us on next steps.

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