The connected car experience

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Project Summary

AT&T, a household name in the tech and telecom worlds, wanted to tap into the auto industry as their next target to expand their services. The idea was to create a world-class connected car demo visualizing how the modern consumer will interact with a car powered by AT&T. To demonstrate this, they wanted to take all the tools and apps people have come to rely on — cell phone, navigation, calendars, streaming music, voice recognition, live weather, etc., and bring them into a car’s center console. They asked us to step in and design and manufacture a prototype of this imagined car console…. and they wanted it in two months. Tackle a completely new concept in a tight timeline? Challenge accepted.

The team hit the ground immediately, and since they were starting with a completely blank slate, they were able to design the digital experience and the physical center console simultaneously. Within the two month timeframe, the crew at Universal Mind delivered a working prototype of the “connected car”, pulling in services like TomTom, ParkMe, Spotify, The Weather Channel, Google Calendar, and existing AT&T services such as their Connected Home framework, which allows users to turn off lights at home or even control their tv. AT&T’s Emerging Devices Group is now fully armed to dominate the car manufacturing industry, fully realizing the vision of the connected car experience.

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