Amway MyBiz

Digital tool where users manage and grow their Amway Business

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Project Summary

Amway, the multinational direct-selling powerhouse with over $11 billion in global sales, has a unique business model, combining direct selling with a multi-level marketing strategy, utilizing “Independent Business Owners” (IBOs) to sell products and to sponsor and mentor other IBOs. Amway is most successful when its IBOs are successful. Amway approached Universal Mind to create a tool that would help each IBO better manage their “business”.

The new tool, MyBiz is an amalgamation of several existing tools and new functionality, pulled together into one primary digital touchpoint. The dashboard displays personal sales info, group sales info, what business is closing and what’s been ordered. Users can monitor individual and group performance, view current business stats like group size, group orders and personal orders, and track business performance history. All said and done, IBOs have everything they need to successfully manage their business, accessible anywhere and everywhere.

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