Amway Artistry

Modernizing an industry titan

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Project Summary

Amway is the direct selling company, an absolute powerhouse. With more than $11 billion in revenue and three million distributors around the world, they needed guidance with their digital customer (distributor) experience. Universal Mind teamed with Amway’s Digital and Experiential Marketing services team to create a series of iPad applications that would demonstrate Amway’s digital savvy to distributors, and help get them reenergized on the brand.

One such application was a digital publication for the cosmetics and skincare line Artistry. Packed with cool features and cutting edge functionality, the tool was meant to awe and inspire the distributors and to aid them in selling the product line. The app, along with a slew of others, was unveiled at a large annual distributor conference for Amway, and was received with rave reviews. People danced in the street, and ergo a long-term partnership was born.

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Universal Mind was so great and easy to work with. Their technology expertise is essential, but their creativity was equally critical to the success of this project.