Despite winning the J.D. Power Customer Service Champion award 9 times in 11 years, T-Mobile wanted to enhance its customer experience. So they launched a large-scale effort to revolutionize the way retail and phone reps serve customers buying and inquiring about mobile devices, communication plans, and services.

T-Mobile engaged Universal Mind to design and develop QuikView, an application to help reps better access customers’ account information, answer questions, and sell the right products and services.

QuikView needed to tie together several legacy systems and backend databases with a single front-end application for more than 35,000 sales and support across all retails stores and call centers. And they needed a system so easy to use it required little training.


Universal Mind lead efforts to build the core application framework and architecture, develop features, and optimize the codebase, as well as ensuring the overall team met commitments, timeline, and schedule.

QuikView was designed to unite customer, product, and service information from T-Mobile’s legacy applications in one screen. They created a stable, extensible enterprise-class application so that T-Mobile could rapidly update functionality for new products and promotions.

By providing Agile development expertise, Universal Mind turned a complex, long-term implementation into achievable milestones.


QuikView has eliminated the need for extensive employee training, sped up support response times, made employees and resellers more effective, and improved the T-Mobile customer experience.

“Previously, there were transactions that required a store rep to call Customer Care,” says Marcel Deller, Vice President of Development at T-Mobile. “QuikView reduced that by about 16,000 calls per month.” Deller also reports that customer call times have been reduced by 8–10 seconds—a significant savings over T-Mobile’s more than 220 million calls a year, which enabled them to realize ROI in under two years.