Amway Artistry



Amway is the direct selling company, an absolute powerhouse. With more than $11 billion in revenue and three million distributors around the world, Amway tasked their Digital and Experiential Marketing Services team with breathing a bit of life into their brand utilizing their existing technologies and embracing new ones.

In order to spotlight the digital tools that would help Amway achieve its business goals in the 80-plus countries where the company does business, the team set out to build dynamic iPad applications that would serve as sales tools for the distributors, aimed to educate and excite them on the potential that digital technologies held for their future.

Impressed by Universal Mind’s portfolio, Amway asked us to build a tool – within a very tight timeframe – that would effectively showcase the depth and breadth of services Amway’s digital team could provide. Targeting its annual global leadership conference attendees, Amway also asked Universal Mind to inspire and — frankly – impress the company’s executives and sales and marketing leadership teams around the world. In this case, Amway gave Universal Mind the freedom to develop next-generation, highly engaging proof of concept experiences for Artistry Skincare and Cosmetics, its premium cosmetics brand, and Nutrilite, its line of vitamins and dietary supplements.


Universal Mind started with Discovery, sitting down with Amway to gain a thorough understanding of business objectives and target audiences in order to select the most appropriate technologies and delivery mechanisms.

For Artistry, Universal Mind proposed creating an interactive, user-friendly iPad app that would showcase the Artistry seasonal colour collection and include useful tips and videos. The e-publication would highlight seasonal trends – the inspiration behind the colour collection – and would guide distributors/customers in choosing and applying the colour collection for individual clients. Ultimately, the app would make it easier for the distributor to make a sale. The app, built like a digital magazine with image heavy content, would help any Artistry customer achieve great makeup looks tailored to her preferences.

The concept was given an enthusiastic green light, so our team created wireframes of the experiences and mapped out the overall architecture before moving into design. This process included the creation of visual storyboards that adhered to Amway’s brand guidelines, yet pushed the look toward a sleeker, more modern feel. Finally, our engineers began the development that would breathe life into the experiences.

“Universal Mind was so great and easy to work with,” says Collins. “Their technology expertise is essential, but their creativity was equally critical to the success of this project.”


The interactive portfolio effectively promoted Amway’s capabilities in the space and facilitated more streamlined internal communications. The proofs of concept were huge wins, both in demonstrating the value the digital team brings to the company and in elevating the Amway brand.

“Our leadership wanted the Artistry app loaded onto their iPads as soon as they saw it, and executives realized that it offers our distributors a foolproof and fun way to sell the cosmetics line,” says Collins. “It showcases Amway in a modern way using the latest technology.”

Per its affiliates’ request, Amway decided to make the Artistry and Nutrilite apps available worldwide via the Apple App Store. Affiliates see the value in both apps as avenues to increased revenues. We went on to complete development on customized versions for Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia.