Imagine a job that makes you excited. Stoked to get up, get out, and go get em’. A job that’s like working with a family away from your real family. Except you can stay at home with your real family.  Work-life balance isn’t a bullet point in our brochure, it’s our very foundation. A job that’s less like a job, and more like, well, just doing what you love.

Universal Mind is a different kind of place. We attract a different kind of people. Damn smart, creative, inventive, free thinking, and independent people. The kind of people that go to bat for you, or buy a beer for you.

We also offer an assortment of benefits including profit sharing, yearly off sites and paid sabbaticals. And when all else fails, nothing says freedom like working from home when you want, sans pants.

So here’s to you, future employee, to working a job you love. With no pants.


With no limits to physical locations we are able to pack our teams with the best talent. We don’t simply hire the best in a certain location; we hire the best, period. If a face-to-face meeting is your style, contact us above or drop by either of our base locations. We’ll also come to you.




Grand Rapids

Dallas, Texas