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BLOG:VentureBeat's Mobile Summit

VentureBeat's Mobile Summit

The VentureBeat Mobile Summit just wrapped for 2015. It was a great time connecting with other organizations who are interested in exploring how to engage users effectively through mobile. The event brought together brands, vendors, and agencies to help discuss the issues everyone has seen in their work. A few key themes emerged in the discussions:

Digital & Physical Integration

One key theme from organizations at Mobile Summit was how no one seems to have really cracked the integration of digital experiences with physical spaces. Alex and Ani’s SVP of Digital, Ryan Bonifacino, had a great story of how they enable customers by leveraging iBeacons. However, this was the exception. Most organizations were still dealing with digital fragmentation in their overall mobile strategy, that is made it very difficult to focus on these emerging technologies.

Fortunately this is an area we have explored quite a bit at Universal Mind. We have helped many organizations move forward with an actionable Digital Transformation, so that they could add in room for continued innovation around newer technologies like iBeacons and other sensors that enable truly contextual applications. I enjoyed getting to chat with these organizations and share the wins that many of our clients have had.

Mobile Analytics and Data

One trend that was validated for me was the inclusion of multiple analytics solutions for most mobile solutions. On average, the attendees with mobile applications leveraged 3+ analytics solutions for each mobile platform. In some cases, the analytics solutions were even different per platform. Through this attendees mentioned a few distinct issues:

  • Many applications are getting overloaded with additional SDK’s. In many cases, this number could top 20. This decreases overall architectural agility, increases app download size, and in some cases can negatively impact the overall user experience.
  • With all of the data being stored in different places with different providers, it makes it more difficult to analyze the entire data set and draw conclusions.
  • Organizations with extensive analytics are struggling with how to make the needed information actionable. In many cases, the game industry has excelled beyond the traditional businesses for creation an actionable path based on user data through analytics.

Data is certainly an asset, but at this time most organizations are still just in their infancy in knowing how to leverage it. The organizations that are successful are finding rapid ways to experiment with the data as a way to enable customers.


Overall, this was a great event for everyone. One core concept that everyone agreed upon was that a successful mobile marketing strategy is in reality a technical strategy. There is no separating the two, and most all organizations will have to work with organizations (like Universal Mind) to understand what solutions to leverage for their mobile customer experiences. Finding these trusted partners and including them in the overall planning for digital touch points will be a key element for success.