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BLOG:Universal Mind's Work Named as a Finalist for a CXPA Award

Universal Mind's Work Named as a Finalist for a CXPA Award

Universal Mind’s work with Vail Resorts was named as a finalist in the 2016 Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA)’s Innovation Awards for “Using Neuroscience to Improve Customer Experience (CX)”. Working in tandem with Vail Resorts, the team set their sights early on to continuously take strategic actions that would push the boundaries of what is being done in the marketplace in the Experience realm.

As a world class Customer Experience organization, Vail understood that in order to continue improving its CX, they needed to focus attention on its Employee Experience, to seek an in-depth look at what it’s really like to work for Vail Resorts. They brought our team on board to get on the ground to answer this question. After visiting multiple locations, we consolidated the findings into research themes, a series of employee personas and an Employee Communication Matrix designed to help Vail extend their understanding of their employees. A strategic objective, based on an employee first mindset, was created, resulting in new processes and an employee-focused roadmap to achieve the objective.

Vail has focused in on specific CX best practices that lead to dramatic insights to improve the Employee Experience of the 22,000+ employees to continue to provide an Experience of a Lifetime™.

This focus resulted in the following

  1. New Way of Thinking About People - Using the findings from the brain-based models in the world of CX allowed Vail to create new practices to better reach their employees. Being very forward thinking, Vail Resorts embraced the employee personas, at a time when most organizations are just beginning to think about their employee experience. Leaping ahead of the industry, Vail Resorts partnered with Universal Mind to do ethnographic research and lay the findings atop models that are atypical in an enterprise organization.
  2. Design Value – Vail Resorts rooted their work in true employee research and was able to understand how to better communicate and interact with their employees. The improved relationship allowed Vail to design new methods of interaction with regard to designing Value for over 6,000 new employees. They completely revamped their onboarding process, creating a way for new employees to identify their personal value and bring that to their job at Vail Resorts, helping make their experience that much better.
  3. A New Approach to Experience - Using Universal Mind’s approach to Experience – CX (customer experience) + IX (internal experience) = OX (organizational experience) – Vail was able to address the organization holistically to improve the experience for all humans, internal and external to the organization.

Congratulations to Vail Resorts for all the hard work, and a big ‘thank you’ to CXPA for recognizing this exciting work!