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BLOG:Universal Mind Represents at the Charlotte Digital Summit

Universal Mind Represents at the Charlotte Digital Summit

The scene in the ballroom was eerie and contrasted greatly with the fancy chandeliers and ornate wall hangings.

Boxes littered the floor. Packing paper uncurled in disorganized trails. Unclothed tables were erected and awaiting the wares of the many sponsors taking part in the Charlotte Digital Summit in North Carolina on May 4 - 5.

Taking place at the Le Meridian Hotel, the Digital Summit focused primarily on discussing industry trends and technologies, sharing best practices and providing attendees with hands-on techniques learned through the 25 plus breakout sessions - all geared toward ensuring attendees stayed up-to-date in our fast-moving digital landscape.

I stood by what would soon be our booth and hoped our attendance would lead to great conversations. That’s where it all starts, right? Isn’t innovation in part born in ideas shared in environments such as this? In the outlining of needs, wants and pain points as well as defining objectives, goals, and potential solutions?

2016_05_05 - Lori Char Dig Sum7 While the scene imbibed a sense of disarray, much as any event the day before doors officially open, the excitement in the air was palpable. Fellow sponsors and competitors alike were anxious to unpack and set up their items, all ready to meet and talk with Summit attendees the following day. I was no different as I set up the UM wall panels adorned with faces representing every demographic and chuckled at my own interpretation: technology and the need for it crosses all presupposed lines and aids in making life better for all.

After erecting the booth, setting up our tables, unpacking our Agile Transformation collateral, iPad stands and ensuring that all AV needs were good to go, I took a step back and surveyed the scene before me. Despite being a relatively new employee, I was surprisingly proud to represent an organization that has been a major player in the digital space since 2003.

Looking around the ballroom that was slowly but surely becoming an exhibit space, I could easily assess the booths of our competition. Some big names were there. Ballers. Global names. Yet I felt oddly comforted by Universal Mind’s reputation - I knew that our name, our brand and the level of service and value we bring to the table would quell any nervousness I felt. Over the next few days, I happily learned I was right.

I was also looking forward to attending some of the sessions that were to be held over the next couple of days, mainly the one entitled “A Mindful Experience: Using Neuroscience to Improve CX” given by UM’s own Lori Kirkland on Thursday, May 5th.

Truth be told, amongst the slew of other presenters who were addressing the topic of customer experience from tried and rote vantage points, Lori’s presentation around the basic and often unconscious motivators that prompt decision making and behavior were unlike all other topics being discussed. Twitter tells me that I wasn’t the only one fascinated with what Lori shared - attendees were sharing their positive thoughts all over social media.

I was also looking forward to meeting and working side-by-side with Andrew Sevin, VP of Client Services at Universal Mind. Over the course of the next couple of days, Andrew’s insights proved to be invaluable. Even his demeanor while engaging in conversations with potential clients was noteworthy.

At times, our booth was packed full of people. We were strategically positioned across from the food and beverage tables and right beside a door leading to a room hosting breakout sessions: people had to pass us. I’d smile seeing folks lining up to ask us about our services, what we do and how we can help them. I had the opportunity to make some key connections with folks already in the Charlotte market such as those working in the non-profit space, with regional analytics groups and media contacts.

Needless to say, I learned a lot over the course of the Summit - our reputation did precede us, our brand was recognizable; our position in the market evident.

I’m truly looking forward to the Denver Digital Summit on June 15 and 16 wherein UM will once again have a strong presence. Until next time, Digital Summit!