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BLOG:Universal Mind Recognized as a ‘Choose People’ Certified Company

Universal Mind Recognized as a ‘Choose People’ Certified Company

One of the things that sets Universal Mind apart is our focus on working with clients to deliver unrivaled experiences that positively impact people - employees and customers alike. This is not just marketing hype but a critical component of our success and one we employ internally as well. We invest in our people, in our culture, and in the experience of working on the Universal Mind team. Which is why several months ago we engaged Choose People to audit our culture. Our goal was to have an unbiased view of where we were and where we need to go.

It has been an educational and evolutionary experience and I’m proud to say that today we’ve been named a Choose People Company – a highly discerning and scientifically validated certification that identifies companies where employees feel good about coming to work.

The Choose People certification and red seal of approval reinforces and acknowledges our commitment to our employees and our culture. It does not mean that every day is rainbows and unicorns, but rather recognizes our focus on creating an environment where employees are happy. Where they want to come to work. Choose People is a way for us to ensure we are connecting enthusiastic, empowered employees with our clients - something which ultimately strengthens the larger social fabric and promotes economic sustainability.

As the former CEO of a national company, Choose People Founder Kris Boesch understands the power of happy employees from first-hand experience. She recognizes that employee on-the-job happiness often spills over at home and into the community. As a TEDx speaker and recognized culture advocate, we were confident Kris was a great partner to bring into Universal Mind. Her process is scientific, validated and repeatable - something that obviously resonated with us.

What we found most compelling about Choose People and Kris was their use of a statistically robust certification measurement tool to evaluate Universal Mind’s employee satisfaction; a tool based on an eight-dimension psychometrics scale and one that had been empirically validated. We as a company often live at the junction of art and technology so ensuring whatever analysis we employed was both grounded in science and capable of capturing the less tangible, emotive aspects of our culture, was critical.

Choose People partnered with the Industrial Organizational Psychology Department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins to construct and validate its Employee Organizational Perceptions (EOP) survey, which measures if employees feel good about coming to work. The process of applying Choose People’s approach and tools uncovered the good and the bad, allowing us to address them all.

“Companies like Universal Mind create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond their workplace,” said Boesch. “We all know that work doesn’t stay at work, so when Universal Mind makes their corporate culture better for employees, they make the world a better place to live.”

According to a research report by advertising giant Golin-Harris, the top driver of a company’s reputation is how they treat their workers. When you consider a business’ reputation largely determines its success, there is a strong business case for keeping employees happy. Our employee retention rate is consistently over 85%, an indicator we felt great about, but the goal was to have Kris go deeper into the culture and see where we could make improvements. We are an agile company and we want to make sure this extends into our ability to rapidly iterate and improve upon our culture.

Through Choose People’s efforts, we were able to gain valuable insight into our culture and what makes Universal Mind tick. This understanding is now tangible and actionable. We know what works for us and what adjustments to make as we move forward as an organization. This knowledge is just the first step in a long-term investment we have made in our people that we will build upon and grow over time.

“People want to buy into companies that do the right thing,” said Boesch. “Today’s consumers, investors, donors and business partners want to put their money where their values are, and employees want to apply their talents and energy where they know they will be valued – like at Universal Mind.”

At Universal Mind, we believe innovative solutions to complex business problems require mastery of multiple disciplines. Our experience strategy, experience design, technology, delivery and agile transformation practices work together to embody one unique experience from concept to deployment. When teams are made from the best consultants and practitioners in the industry, our clients can expect the best. With Universal Mind, our clients can be confident in realizing a seamless, meaningful solution - one that drives value for their business, their employees and their customers. A solution that delivers on the power of experience. We recognize delivering on this promise requires us to ensure our employees are happy and engaged.

About Choose People Fort Collins, Colorado-based Choose People, is a consulting firm that recognizes companies where employees feel good about coming to work. Choose People provides companies a customized roadmap and tangible tools to transform their organizational culture to improve their emotional health and increase employee happiness. Founded in 2010 by Kris Boesch, Choose People is known for successfully addressing the most toxic and toughest elephants in the room and supporting companies to go from “good” workplaces to extraordinary ones. For more information, visit