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UM Marketing Team Invited to Give Guest Lecture at University of Colorado – Denver

Marketing works in a myriad of ways. There are so many opportunities to connect with the community and your target audience, whether that’s through more traditional channels, such as sponsoring an industry trade show or through digital channels such as internet marketing.

It was through Universal Mind’s sponsorship of and physical presence at the Digital Summit Denver, which took place in July at the The Ellie Caulkins Opera House in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, that we met University of Colorado-Denver Professor Francisco Conejo.

I recall chatting with Professor Conejo for some time. As the crowd at the Digital Summit is often Marketing and Design professionals, we easily struck up a conversation around Digital Marketing. I learned that in addition to having undergrad internet and social media marketing courses, the UCD’s Marketing Program also offered a Master’s Degree specializing in digital brand communications a few blocks away from our Denver office. Professor Conejo was also very interested in his students hearing from a Marketing team on the ground and in the trenches - Professor Conejo was looking for real world insights and wanted his undergrad Internet Marketing students to hear first-hand what it’s like to be a part of a ‘Marketing Machine.’

Immediately I was happy to oblige. We exchanged business cards and I reached out days after the event to follow up and thank him for his time.

Upon returning from the event, I shared word of his invitation with our UM Marketing Team. Their enthusiastic and warm, positive and eager response sealed the deal: plans were made to visit in an ‘expert’ capacity Professor Conejo’s class.

As good Marketers, our team prepped prior to the visit to discuss format, talking points, segues, the distribution of swag and collateral, tactics to promote the endeavor and more. As a group, we outlined all the various ways our roles intersect and merge and how we rely on one another to complete our individual and collective tasks. Personally, it made me even more appreciative of what each of us bring to the table and how clear communication and earnest cooperation are essential to a Marketing Machine running smoothly.

The day arrived and we met Professor Conejo at the UCD School of Business on Lawrence and 15th. Filing into the classroom behind the professor conjured memories of days long ago, and it was exciting to be in a place where potential was forged and revealed… Students came in shortly thereafter, settling into their seats and casting questioning but friendly looks our way.

As class got underway, Professor Conejo welcomed the students and introduced the UM team. I kicked off the presentation, providing some background on UM, our goals, spoke to our solutions and then began describing my role, how I rely upon digital resources to complete the most basic functions of my role such as researching events, promoting events, developing media contacts and so much more. However, my outreach would not be possible without coordinating with Annie DiMatteo, our Brand Manager and Social Media Mastermind.

Annie then took the stage to explain how UM utilizes digital resources to promote general awareness, initiatives, bloggers, speakers, events and more. She explained targeted advertising through various vendors like LinkedIn and Twitter and more and the various channels and tactics we employ to reach internal and external audiences, such as through our email touchpoints.

With that, she expertly segued to Henry Desroches, our Interaction Developer and expert user of such tools as Pardot. Henry explained the level of tracking and analytics potential and how these elements are used to refine and develop communications strategies. Henry also described his role as developer, video editor and described how all he does, whether it’s coding for our website or creating an email for distribution, is tied to the efforts of Rebecca Nolte, one of our Designers.

Rebecca took front and center and spoke to the near 30 students, describing her role as purveyor of inspired designs and how these elements create a brand identity, and how this identity plays a crucial role in furthering all that is associated with a brand. Spending much of her time working on brand and organizational initiatives, Rebecca’s work provides a visual voice to our brand, while Lynn Burge, our Strategic Client Engagement Manager helps provide the physical voice.

Anchoring UM’s Demand Generation team, Lynn described her role as a hybrid, composed of both Marketing and Sales functions. These functions include researching and developing targeted outreach lists, focusing on things like role, sector, organization and more. Master at arranging and executing on both call and email campaigns, Lynn works closely with Marketing colleagues to develop messaging, target audiences and integrated marketing communications strategies.

With that, we thanked Professor Conejo and his team for their time and solicited questions. Having run over our allocated time, I was surprised at how many questions were posed by the students: “What’s Salesforce?” “How do you identify and connect with C-Level execs?” “Do you offer an internship program” and, one of my favorites “What’s the culture like at Universal Mind?”

When hearing that question, our UM Marketing squad quickly pointed to this video, posted on our site…now that’s one way to show students effective internet marketing in operations!

Professor Conejo thanked our team while his students clapped, some of them approaching us as we laid UM swag and collateral on the table in front of us. Students shook our hands, took our business cards and seemed to be very grateful for the info shared with them.

Not long after our outing, I heard from Professor Conejo. “Just wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation yesterday, most comprehensive and detailed,” he wrote. “Stayed with the class discussing it thereafter and they were very impressed by how much thought and effort goes into your initiatives. (They also loved the swag!).”

Often times, all that goes into operating a functional and effective Marketing Machine takes place outside of the obvious. Sometimes, even while operating within the Marketing Machine, it’s easy to take for granted just how reliant we are on our colleagues. This opportunity allowed our crew the chance to speak to all the ways our roles are interdependent upon each other. I can’t speak for them, but this exercise only furthered my appreciation of their solo and our combined efforts.

It also permitted students a peek into what they can expect in an organization of our nature and size. A big thanks to Professor Conejo and the UCD students for the warm reception and engaging conversation!