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BLOG:Universal Mind Hosts Successful CXPA Dallas Summer CXelebration Event

Universal Mind Hosts Successful CXPA Dallas Summer CXelebration Event

The CXPA Dallas Summer CXelebration Networking Event hosted at Universal Mind’s Dallas Studio on Tuesday, August 23rd started out with an engaged, community-minded feel.

Held quarterly, these customer experience focused events provide an opportunity for local members and practitioners as well as curious professionals to come together and discuss the wins and challenges they face day to day.

Diane Magers, the head of Dallas CXPA, walked in with a warm smile and obvious excitement at being able to host in a new space, Universal Mind’s Studio, located in the historic West End neighborhood. As this was the first public event held at the studio, there was much curiosity regarding the work area and adjoining spaces designed for deep thought and collaboration.

After some conversation and networking over wine and refreshments, the group of more than 35 folks began their CXPA discussion session.

Among the topics discussed, one theme seemed to be the challenges faced when striving to connect with the C-Suite. The team agreed that knowing your audience is crucial, and being able to relate to them and speak their same language is fundamental. This often includes a practitioner incorporating metrics when partnering with the C-Suite in order or to clearly show the value of CX in terms leadership can relate to.

“Acceptance of any sort of change at the enterprise level requires executive leadership buy-in - we’d all agree on that, right?” asked Andrew Sevin, Universal Mind’s VP of Client Services, while facilitating the discussion. “For CX and it’s mission to take hold, we need to define paths of influence within the organization where we can gain traction. Since customer experiences are informed by employee experiences - we need to engage the entire c-suite - HR included to make real progress. Altering the cultural mindset through messaging, training and HR leadership could prove valuable in advancing our efforts.”

Also discussed was the need to acknowledge customer service teams. On the front lines and often the face of the organization to the customer, customer service teams need to be acknowledged for all their efforts - a happy and engaged CS team leads to higher levels of customer service and better customer outcomes.

This led into a discussion about a day to do just that. A day to celebrate the efforts of customer service teams and all CX practitioners. The team held cursory discussions around CX Day, which lands on October 5, 2016. CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers put on by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

Other topics shared amongst the group included:

  • Challenges prioritizing business initiatives. One great technique shared to address this was to try the bullseye approach wherein you have stakeholders list priorities on a bullseye and provide an estimate of which ones should be tended to first.
  • The need to acknowledge the importance and the difference between qualitative and quantitative data and how both should be measured.

In order to delve further into some of the evening’s discussions, the team decided to hold a workshop wherein a business case is built around a real-world problem. The team also decided to identify and roleplay various solutions and scenarios.

As there are a number of business strategies already out there, there was much excitement as the group was eager to roll up their sleeves and pursue the application of these theories and findings in their future endeavors - there’s no better way to test or learn theories than to act them out.

Lasting over two hours, new connections were formed and ideas forged. All in all, it was a very successful event. If you want to learn more about the Dallas CXPA team, visit CXPA today!