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BLOG:Universal Mind Celebrates 4th Annual CX Day

Universal Mind Celebrates 4th Annual CX Day

As the VP of Experience Transformation at Universal Mind and as a sponsor and the Community Lead for the Rocky Mountain Team of the Customer Experience Professional Association or CXPA, celebrating the importance of customer experience cannot be understated. That’s why today is so important.

Today is the fourth annual CX Day, a global celebration of companies and people who are delivering highest-quality experiences to customers. Created by the CXPA, the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession, CX Day showcases local and online events and encourages company celebrations. The annual winners of the CX Impact Awards, for those who gave, led or supported customer experience initiatives, will be announced today as well.

CXPA members across the globe have planned educational and networking events, which will be open to the public at no charge. CX professionals who can’t attend a celebration in person are invited to participate online. Online activity will include webcasts, social media conversations and panel discussions accommodating time zones around the world.

As the Community Lead for the Rocky Mountain Team, we’ve asked that all our local members do something to celebrate the customers in your life. For instance, at Universal Mind, we’re aiming to deliver some tasty treats to our local customers in honor of the day, to thank them for their amazing CX efforts and to show our gratitude for the valued relationship we have with them.

We’re also asking that all Rocky Mountain Team CXPA members tweet a picture of a customer related CX Day activity at 12 noon MT to #RockyMTNCX on Wednesday, Oct. 5th. If you’re not able to connect with a customer at that time, please feel free to post a pic at any time during the day.

Universal Mind is proud to sponsor the CXPA. Founded in April 2011, the CXPA has more than 80 Corporate Members and 4,000 customer experience professionals in its community. The goal of the CXPA is to increase the impact and visibility of Customer Experience professionals, facilitate effective member-to-member sharing, and establish respected standards.

We all know that the experience of our customers is crucial to our bottom line. CX Day helps reinforce this belief.

How will you honor the customers in your world on CX Day?