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BLOG:Universal Mind a \"Luminary\" presence at the Women in Technology Conference

Universal Mind a Luminary presence at the Women in Technology Conference

Were you one of fortunate 600 or 700 people who were able to score a ticket to this year’s sold-out Women In Technology Conference hosted by the Colorado Technology Association on Friday, June 10th?

In its sixth year, the Women in Technology Conference is taking place at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield. This day-long event strives to honor the women of Colorado’s technology community.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with executive-level women from all area’s of Colorado’s tech industry. In addition, they’ll also have the chance to connect with “Luminaries,” or female leaders within the tech community, each of whom will be hosting tables and facilitating conversations with and between attendees.

Universal Mind is proud to have a radiant “Luminary” in our midst: guests of the event will have the opportunity to sit down with Lori Kirkland to learn more about industry trends and topics and discuss personal and professional development.

Sold out? That much interest?

Yes! It’s no wonder the event sold out, as many women have and continue to develop strong careers and leadership roles within the tech community. In fact, within the past few weeks, a report published cited Denver as ranking in the top 10 cities with women working in the tech field.

Additional Denver-area findings include:

  • Women hold 24.2% of computer and mathematical occupations.
  • Denver ranks amongst the top U.S. cities for equal pay.

For these reasons, groups such as Women in Technology are so important: they aid in cementing the growing presence of women in the field. They foster a sense of sisterhood, of sharing, of learning, of improvement and development. Check out this compelling video that really speaks to why Women in Technology is so valuable.

Universal Mind is so proud to have been identified and selected as an example of leadership, innovation and inclusion - it aligns with our Vision to cultivate profound partnerships that empowers outstanding performance in all endeavors and for everyone.

If you’re planning on attending the conference later this week, make sure to stop by and meet Lori Kirkland. I can promise you, you’ll walk away feeling inspired, enthused and ready to take women in technology to a whole new level.