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BLOG:On the Road: Digital Summit Minneapolis Delivers Insights into Local Tech Landscape

On the Road: Digital Summit Minneapolis Delivers Insights into Local Tech Landscape

Each city bears its own story. Its own culture, its singular way of synthesizing the desires, needs and interests of its inhabitants. This is always apparent in meeting local professionals attending events in different regions.

Recently, while in Charlotte, NC, many of the folks we met with were keen on “collaborating.” I must’ve heard that word peppered throughout 20 different conversations I’d had. In Denver, many discussions focused specifically on examples of our customized software solutions, And, at the Digital Summit Minneapolis, Agile Transformation proved to be a hot topic.

Truthfully, I was surprised at the level of familiarity most folks who stopped by our booth had with Agile Transformation and its methodologies. Many had indicated that their organizations were in some stage of implementing or wrapping up projects that had incorporated these principles. Time and again, folks approached with “so, tell me what you guys do around Agile” throughout the two-day event taking place at the Guthrie Theater on Monday, July 25 - Tuesday, July 26.

The existing knowledge base around Agile Transformation in Minneapolis shouldn’t be surprising as Minneapolis is emerging as a technology hub. In fact, I think this emergence is greater than most realize. For example, event organizers of Digital Summit Minneapolis only expected around 700 attendees, when, in reality nearly 825 were in attendance, listening keenly to 36 speakers in over 40 different sessions.

One of those speakers was David Fik, Senior Strategist at Universal Mind. On Tuesday, July 26th, David addressed the audience, speaking to “The Nature of Nurture: Organizational Genetics.” I’d never seen David speak before and was beaming with pride as he took the stage with an easy, assured air about him. For the next half hour I sat in rapt attention as David delved into an engaging discussion around creativity, innovation, quality and more and how these characteristics, when perceived clearly and leveraged properly, can lead to a positive employee experience, healthy bottom line and more.

While David was the only speaker I was able to catch, like always, my time in the booth was well spent. Whether it was chatting with attendees who stopped by between sessions, talking to other sponsors or learning more about Universal Mind, our services, history and capabilities from Chad Felton, our VP of Client Services, every minute on site beheld countless insightful moments.

Universal Mind will soon hit the road again. If you’re planning on attending Big Design in Addision, TX on September 8 - 10, make sure to stop by our booth. We’d love to talk more about our digital solutions, CX resources, Staffing Solutions, and, such as in Minneapolis, Agile Transformation.