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BLOG:Looking to the Future: UM participates in the 2016 Civic Tech Internship Accelerator

Looking to the Future: UM participates in the 2016 Civic Tech Internship Accelerator

Serving as a guiding and committed presence in all things design and development related, Universal Mind recently partnered with Colorado Technology Association, Denver Public Schools CareerConnect and other local, civic and industry leaders to support the 2016 Civic Tech Internship Accelerator.

RJ Owen, UX Director at Universal Mind, and Tyler Merry, UX Technologist with Universal Mind, led a UX and design sketching workshop. As part of the same event, other community partners shared info on topics ranging from cloud computing to cyber security to GIS with the 34 high school interns participating in the Accelerator.

“Having the opportunity to influence and instruct the next generation of designers is important,” Merry stated. “Being able to participate in immersive training courses can help guide student’s career choices and can also help close the growing need for new members of Colorado’s booming technology field.”

The event took place at The Commons on Champa every Friday throughout June and July, where Denver-area juniors and seniors from Abraham Lincoln H.S., West H.S. and High Tech Early College were invited to participate in the program. The program is designed to inspire today’s emerging tech talent to explore careers in this high-demand field by exposing participants to real-world experience and collaborative opportunities. Hands-on workshops, facility tours and focused dialogue are all part and parcel of the six-week long event. While the Accelerator itself is not a full internship program, it coincides with the Denver Public Schools CareerLaunch internship program where students devote 20 hours a week Monday through Thursday to their internships at the various civic organizations, with an additional five hours a week being spent participating in the CTIA program.

“Supporting endeavors of this nature aligns completely with the values embraced by Universal Mind,” says Owen. “By adhering to these values, those in the communities in which we live, serve, and operate know that they can count on Universal Mind to deliver on our commitments.”

  • We are creators of digital connections that redefine futures. Participating in this event indicates our interest in redefining not just the field itself, but those in it.
  • We stand for profound partnerships that empower outstanding performance in all endeavors. Collaborating with others in the field to create these learning opportunities reflects our commitment to partnerships.
  • We are committed to understanding, envisioning and creating impactful solutions, finding, supporting and growing the best talent and continually crafting our future. Playing a role in revealing the inner workings of the tech world to a new generation aids in creating impactful solutions with real long-term results.

For more information on the CTIA program, check out DPS CareerConnect or Colorado Technology Association.