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BLOG:Journeys: The Customer Experience Mapping Tool

Journeys: The Customer Experience Mapping Tool

I’m excited to introduce you to Journeys: The Customer Experience Mapping Tool. This iPad application is the first journey mapping tool which allows you to capture your customer’s journeys as they happen. It is designed specifically for in-the-field data capture including the ability to capture photos, videos, audio, and locations and associate them with an experience.

Because of Universal Mind’s focus on Customer Experience (CX), Journeys was born out of the work we were already doing with our clients. As our Strategy practice worked to capture and organize user information in the field, we realized there was a need for a mobile tool which captured and organized this data in a way where it could be analyzed. In working with Universal Mind’s Research & Development practice, we began to create a tool for internal use.

Journeys1Add in-depth detail while in the field or at the office with photos, videos, audio and location information.

Research & Development at Universal Mind

The Research & Development team at Universal Mind tackles a variety of projects. Sometimes we try to push the limits of technology as we did with our Webby Award winning iPad table. Other times we are looking to showcase how newer technologies can transform our everyday experiences as we did with our gesture based content sharing demo. With Journeys we got to do something that helps transform how we do work here at Universal Mind. In this case, it was tied to how we capture a customer’s journey.

Through the process, our Research and Development team (led by Joe Johnston and myself) worked collaboratively with our Strategy team (led by Dan Bentz) to ensure that we were addressing the problem effectively. Over the course of development, we migrated from some early HTML mockups to a fully native iPad application. We iterated on several different approaches for how we interact with the user’s experiences as well as iterating over different technical and interaction options. We ended with a solution that could provide a new compelling way for customer experience professionals to engage with their customers.

Journeys2Sharing your Journeys is easy with a very detailed exporting snapshot.

Just the Beginning

We are excited for you to try Journeys, and we look forward to hearing how it transforms what you do on a daily basis. In addition, we are continuing to work on Journeys as well as new and exciting projects from our Research & Development team that we will be excited to share with you in the months ahead!