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BLOG:Journey Map Sharing

Journey Map Sharing

Our hope in creating Journeys was to provide our clients with a digital platform to map customer experiences. Typically, creating customer experience journey maps is an analog activity involving markers and whiteboards. And while there are digital tools like Visio and OmniGraffle to facilitate journey mapping, they do little more than provide the graphical building blocks without a framework. We set out to provide that framework with Journeys.

In our first release, we focused on capturing experiences through data points and related media—descriptions, images, photos, locations, and captured audio. What it yielded was a multi-stage, digital map that can be saved, shared, projected and printed, serving as a great presentation aid, but the result was still relatively analog — a digital map in printed form. This allows the sharing of maps in a final report format, but it doesn’t enable collaboration or sharing before the end result.

Our latest release of Journeys extends the functionality of the app to allow customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) professionals to share maps, in digital form, across devices and between individuals. Using third-party cloud storage and sharing solutions like “Google Drive”, “Dropbox”, and “OneDrive”, CX/UX professionals can work on maps and share them with others as they capture the customer journey.

Accessing a shared map is as easy as opening an attachment—your iPad will know to open it directly in Journeys. A shared map contains your local updates — including all captured media and information. Others can then pick up where the original creator left off, or even adjust and share back. This is similar to other document production workflows we’re all familiar with.

Wanna give it a try? Hit this link on your iPad to open our sample Journey Map, The Starbucks Experience Map.

If you’re interested in collaborating with your team to map your or your clients’ customer experiences, get our latest update for Journeys: The Customer Experience Mapping Tool in the App Store.