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BLOG:iOS 8 : Are You Ready?

iOS 8: Are You Ready?

We hope that everyone enjoyed our three-part webinar on preparing for iOS 8. Now comes the part where you take action. With iOS 8 being released in the next week, what do you do?

I wanted to take a minute and sum up some key points from our webinar series to help you ensure that you are taking the steps you need to take:

  1. If you have existing iOS applications in the App Store, you need to update your application’s metadata and look to update screenshots with the new videos that are allowed in the iOS 8 app store.
  2. You need to revisit your organization’s deployment and beta testing plan to take advantage of the changes that Apple is providing through TestFlight which is integrated in the new iTunes Connect.
  3. All existing applications (both internal and external) need to be tested against the new releases of iOS 8 (both the final beta and the GM). You will need to address any changes quickly, and be ready to submit to the app store when Apple opens it for the review of iOS 8 applications.
  4. If you are in an industry that could directly benefit from some of the new functionality (gaming, healthcare, home automation, camera applications, etc…), you need to plan to get the changes in place quickly.
  5. You need to identify key members of your technical team to serve as an internal resource for Swift as it continues to evolve.
  6. Plan for one or more key individuals to be set aside specifically for research / testing after next year’s WWDC 2015 conference in anticipation of a new iOS release.

These are only a few steps that we highlighted in the webinar series, and hopefully they will get you on track for a successful move to iOS 8. This is a large release with many changes to both the end user experience (through increased functionality provided to developers) as well as the development experience (with Swift and changes to deployment). For most organizations simply ignoring these changes is just not an option.

If you didn’t have a chance to catch our three webinars and are interested in watching them, let us know and we’ll give you access.