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BLOG:iOS 8: App Store Updates - What You Need To Do To Get Top Placement

iOS 8: App Store Updates - What You Need To Do To Get Top Placement

The announcement of iOS 8 brings about a number of changes that directly affect how mobile apps are viewed by consumers and how app data can be measured within iTunes analytics. However, a few simple adjustments can easily be made to help reflect these changes and ensure that your app remains as marketable as possible.

The most notable update can be seen in the redesign of iTunes Connect. The new layout allows easier navigation through a grid-based card design. This redesign also allows users to more easily add or update content and assets with drag and drop functions. Within iTunes Connect, the next biggest change affects video app previews. The new preview videos now requires directly capturing footage of UI functions within phones and no longer allows over-the-shoulder content capture. However the new platform, OSX Yosemite, allows users to capture those in-phone walkthroughs via Quicktime.

App bundles, another functionality change within Connect allows users to purchase a bundle of apps much like buying full albums of music. The bundles functionality also allows users to complete bundles if they buy individual elements of that bundle allowing more added value to both individual and bundled apps.

The last major addition stemming from iOS 8 updates brings heightened functionality within App Analytics. These include segmenting out user data on app store views and the subsequent conversion to downloads. The new App Analytics also provides information on where downloads are being made, sales install sessions and retention. And now developers have the added ability of testing apps within a subset of beta users through TestFlight Beta Testing before sending their apps live.