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BLOG:Investing in the Agile Mindset

Investing in the Agile Mindset

SAFe Training in Denver

It is no surprise that I get excited about the design and development process at large organizations. I have seen firsthand the benefit of assembling agile teams. I’ve seen the culture within organizations change as they align around delivering value to their customers. I’ve seen lead times for new functionality drop from quarters to weeks. I’ve seen satisfaction in development teams go from non-existent to palpable. I’ve seen organizations scale from a single agile team to a strong program implementation where they can begin to consider enterprise-wide governance and integration which align under a shared vision. With this system in place, I’ve seen organizations exponentially increase the value that they deliver both the users as well as to the business as a whole.

At Universal Mind, we know that amazing strategy, design, and development can only be maximized when an equally compelling system that exists to govern how all of the pieces fit and flow together. This is one of our many reasons for implementing Lean-Agile techniques for nearly the entirety of our existence. Our agile implementation is based on empirical evidence of how to help individuals, teams and organizations perform at their absolute best.

‘Agile’ at Universal Mind is more than a collection of best practices. We apply an agile mindset to solve complex problems at companies of all sizes. Specifically, we are practitioners of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). As you would expect, we have an Agile Services team comprised of individuals with the highest level of certification and training available from the Scaled Agile Framework Academy. But, we don’t stop there.

At Universal Mind, we don’t consider a framework like SAFe as just something to be used as a marketing tool. Our entire team goes through a multi-day session on Leading SAFe to understand how to apply the framework and agile techniques across all of what we do. As I write this article, I’m assisting with a training session in our Denver office where we are training designers, technologists, marketers, client services team members, executive vice presidents, and many others within our organization on how this framework shapes how we solve problems for our clients.

Universal Mind SAFe Training in Grand Rapids

Why do we invest this much time equipping all aspects of our team? First, we believe in making sure our entire team has a common language incorporated in our process. When we talk about ‘epics’, ‘spikes’, ‘stories’, ‘program increments’, and ‘agile portfolios’, we want that language to be consistent, from the sales process through the deployment process. Second, we want the process of how we solve problems to be applied at every level: the presales level, the execution level, even the way we word our legal agreements with clients. This consistency across an organization is only possible with a large amount of education and training. We know this level of expertise and consistency benefits our clients and the engagements we execute with them.

If you want a team that is agile at its core, you want Universal Mind.

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