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BLOG:Introducing iBrainstorm 3.0

Introducing iBrainstorm 3.0

We’re excited to introduce the new version of iBrainstorm. We’ve totally redesigned and introduced a more focused use on education. We’ve interviewed and researched several digital classrooms and have incorporated some of those findings into this new version.

Some of the major updates are:

  1. iPad to iPad sharing.

    You can now share your ideas with groups of four other “iBrainstormers”.

  2. Share your projects.

    Now you can share projects with an entire classroom or have students share their work with teachers. We made it easy to use any online sharing services.

  3. Improved drawing.

    We improved the drawing quality and incorporated the 53 Pencil Stylus for improving fine motor skills.

  4. Built-in learning backgrounds, and a few fun ones.

    Now you can easy select a learning background to help introduce new ideas and have students start to organizing their ideas easily and efficiently.

We’re really excited to hear your feedback and want to make this a tool you can use everyday in your classroom. If you have ideas, comments or just wanna say hi, please Email Us!

If you have any question on how the app works check out the FAQs!

Download iBrainstorm from the App Store!

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